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At Manson & Chi Dentistry, we incorporate the best materials with our state-of-the-art techniques. The better the resources we have to work with, the more durable and aesthetic the results of your treatment are.

One such example is our selection of Bioclear methods and products. With the Bioclear Matrix line of materials, Dr. Theron Manson, Dr. Connie Manson, and Dr. David Chi are able to provide innovative approaches to care for optimal outcomes in each case.

What is the Bioclear® Method?

The Bioclear Method is a leading-edge technique in cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to traditional bonding or veneers. Special Bioclear materials are used to fill in gaps, remove black triangles, improve misshapen teeth, and repair chipped teeth. These materials are more durable, more realistic-looking, and they are even stain resistant. This along with their affordability and convenience make Bioclear an ideal cosmetic treatment!

Bioclear® Procedures

Black Triangle Treatment

If you have receding gums or papilla damage (the pointed gum tissue between teeth), it can create a dark space that we call a “black triangle.” Black triangles are both aesthetic concerns as well as oral health issues, in that they tend to collect food as well as add a dark hue to your smile.

Bioclear has an innovative line of products and techniques that help to treat the appearance of black triangles, so that you can smile with confidence and keep your smile as healthy as possible!

Bioclear Dental Veneers

Thinking about getting dental veneers? Our Kirkland cosmetic dentist knows that your veneer design, shape, and color have a huge role to play when it comes to the end results. Thanks to Bioclear dental veneers, you can feel confident knowing that the final porcelain designs will look as great as they feel.

Dental veneers are excellent for our patients who want to correct the appearance of:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Misshaped enamel
  • Deep staining and discoloration
  • Short or uneven teeth

Since they bond directly over your healthy teeth, Bioclear veneers instantly change the way they look!

Smile Rejuvenation and Whitening

Brightening the color of your smile can instantly make it look healthier and younger. If you’re paranoid about your teeth showing during photographs or social settings, then a Bioclear whitening system could change that. When you feel confident about your smile’s appearance, you’ll have a tendency to laugh and smile more in public. As a result, you’ll have a great impression to go along with it.

But even if your teeth are broken or decayed, the Bioclear product line allows us to restore and rebuild those areas in a way that enhances your smile’s natural beauty. Enjoy a healthy, fully functional bite so that you can put your best face forward each day.

Contouring and Recontouring (Tooth Size and Shape)

Incorporating composite materials that mimic natural tooth coloration and hue can help your smile look as natural as possible. For areas where teeth are misshaped, narrow, chipped, wide, or short, our dentists can recontour the area to smooth out the shape of atypical teeth. With his keen eye for detail, combined with innovative Matrix materials, you can get the best results of any contouring procedure! See a dramatic difference in just one visit.

Is Bioclear Right for You?

Schedule a cosmetic consultation with our Kirkland dentist today! At Manson Dentistry we’ll provide you with a variety of options to choose from, so that you can select the best for your lifestyle and smile needs.

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