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At Manson & Chi Dentistry, we understand how missing or broken teeth can impact your confidence and oral health. Our dedicated team is committed to restoring your smile with high-quality dental crowns. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Kirkland, we utilize state-of-the-art dental technology and materials to provide personalized solutions to restore your smile to its best state yet.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. They serve as a protective cover, safeguarding a damaged tooth from further deterioration and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your smile. At our Kirkland dental office, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction in every step of the crown process.

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When are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are versatile and used in various situations, including:

  1. Protecting Weak Teeth: Crowns reinforce teeth weakened by decay or large fillings.
  2. Restoring Broken Teeth: They rebuild teeth that are fractured or worn down.
  3. Covering Dental Implants: Crowns are the final step in the dental implant process.
  4. Enhancing Cosmetic Appearance: Crowns improve the shape, color, and alignment of teeth.

What Are Crowns Made From?

Dental crowns can be made using a number of high-quality, biocompatible materials:

  1. Porcelain: Known for its aesthetic appeal, porcelain crowns are ideal for front teeth due to their natural look. They blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, offering a balance between strength and beauty.
  2. Ceramic: Ceramic crowns are valued for their durability and aesthetic quality. They are a popular choice for both front and back teeth, providing a stronger solution than porcelain while still maintaining a natural appearance.
  3. Zirconia: Zirconia crowns are among the strongest and most durable. They are highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for back teeth that require more strength for chewing. Zirconia also offers a great aesthetic match to natural teeth, though they are typically more opaque than porcelain or ceramic.

Using biocompatible materials for dental crowns is crucial because they ensure compatibility with the body, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and inflammation. Biocompatible crowns seamlessly integrate with the natural oral environment, promoting better oral health and long-term comfort. Additionally, these materials typically mimic the natural look and feel of teeth, enhancing both the functional and aesthetic aspects of dental restorations.

Types of Dental Crowns We Offer

At Manson & Chi Dentistry, we offer specialized dental crowns tailored to the specific needs of different teeth:

  1. Anterior Crowns: These crowns are designed for the front teeth, prioritizing aesthetics along with strength. Materials like porcelain and ceramic are typically used for their natural appearance, ensuring that the crowns blend seamlessly with your smile.
  2. Posterior Crowns: These crowns are used for back teeth, which require more durability due to the forces exerted during chewing. Zirconia, known for its exceptional strength, is often the material of choice for posterior crowns, offering longevity and resistance to wear.
  3. Implant Crowns: These are specifically designed to be affixed to dental implants. They serve as the final restoration of an implant procedure, providing the appearance and function of a natural tooth. Depending on the location of the implant (anterior or posterior), different materials may be chosen to best suit the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Each type of crown is customized to provide the best fit, function, and appearance based on its location in your mouth. Our team at Manson & Chi Dentistry ensures that every crown, whether it’s for an anterior, posterior, or implant tooth, is crafted with precision and care, aligning perfectly with your dental needs and aesthetic goals.

What To Expect When Getting Crowns With Us

When you are getting dental crowns at Manson & Chi Dentistry, you can expect a thorough and patient-centered process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Your journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where our dentists in Kirkland, WA, assess your dental health, discuss your concerns, and explain the options available. We take the time to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.
  2. Detailed Examination: We conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This may include digital X-rays or 3D imaging to gain a detailed understanding of the tooth structure and the surrounding bone and gum tissue. This step is crucial for customizing your treatment to ensure the best fit and function of your crown.
  3. Tooth Preparation: The affected tooth is carefully prepared for the crown. This involves reshaping the tooth to provide a stable base for the crown. If there is extensive damage or decay, the tooth may be built up with a filling material to support the crown.
  4. Impression Taking: After preparing the tooth, an impression or digital scan of your mouth is taken. This impression is used to create a custom crown that perfectly fits your tooth and bite.
  5. Temporary Crown: While your permanent crown is being crafted, a temporary crown is placed to protect the prepared tooth. This ensures that you can eat and speak comfortably and that the tooth remains safe from further damage.
  6. Crown Fabrication: The impression of your tooth is sent to a dental lab where your crown is made. At Manson & Chi Dentistry, we use only the finest materials and collaborate with top dental labs to ensure that your crown is not only strong and durable but also aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Final Fitting and Adjustment: Once your crown is ready, you’ll return for a final fitting. We meticulously check the fit, color, and bite of the crown, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that it looks natural and feels comfortable.
  8. Crown Placement: The final step is the placement of the crown. The temporary crown is removed, and the new crown is securely cemented onto your prepared tooth. We provide detailed care instructions to help you maintain your new crown and overall oral health.

Throughout each step, our Kirkland dental team prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring that your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing crown that enhances your smile and oral health.

Why Manson & Chi Dentistry

Choosing Manson & Chi Dentistry for your dental crowns in Kirkland, WA, ensures:

  • Access to the finest materials for long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing crowns.
  • Collaboration with leading dental labs for precision-crafted crowns.
  • Advanced dental technologies for accurate and comfortable treatments.
  • A commitment to excellence in every aspect of our dental services.
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We Provide High-Quality Dental Crowns in Kirkland, WA

Take the first step towards a restored, confident smile with Manson & Chi Dentistry, your premier cosmetic dentist in Kirkland. Contact us today to learn more about our dental crowns in Kirkland, WA, and schedule your appointment. Let us help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!

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